Cookies on a Breezy Afternoon

I’ve been eyeing the recipe on the peanut butter chip package for a while now. For at least the last three I’ve bought! And today was finally cool enough to feel ok about turning the oven on. I escaped the help of the little guys since they were busy playing in the backyard pretty much all afternoon.

dessert, homemade, gooey, sweet

They came out a little thinner than I’d expected. I kind of thought they’d be cakey cookies. But they were still really good – gooey and fudgy with the soft warm peanut butter chips. Mm Mm Mmmm!

Well, I can hardly believe it but our summer is officially over. All three boys are in school now. It doesn’t seem possible but my five year old “baby” is in kindergarten. He’s going to do great making new friends. When he went to daycamp this summer he had a bunch of new friends, a whole line of kids would excitedly wave bye to him. All the while he played cool and gave a big wave on his way out. We’re back in the groove of early bedtimes, showers a little more regularly, homework, homemade sack lunches, and homework. Ugh, did I mention homework — and all the papers that come home. I already have a stack collecting. My oldest is going to start playing cello this year. I can’t wait to start hearing him play! And going to recitals! My middle boy is starting first grade and is our artist, on the first homework of the year he spent more time coloring in the apple than he did on any of the rest of it. And it was pretty much an all drawing assignment. He was proud of himself though – he thought the apple looked real when he was done and said the other kids had rushed through theirs. 😉

Hmmm… the kids grow up too fast. I’ll just sit back on this breezy late summer day, remember the fun we had this summer, and enjoy another cookie.

dessert, homemade, gooey, sweet, tile


If you’d like to make these yourself (and you should!) you can find the recipe for them here. Leave me a comment if you make them, I’d love to hear how they turned out! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Cookies on a Breezy Afternoon

  1. Reading this post I just had a flashback to sitting at my desk at Allen Press and you coming around the corning to say, “I’m pregnant!”

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