Vacationing Up North

We took our family vacation up in Minnesota a couple weeks ago. What a beautiful part of the country. And oh the temps – waaaaaay refreshing after sitting in the middle of the longest heat wave I’ve ever experienced! The trees were really tall, moss grew on the ground, the rocks were all smoothed over like river rocks, and it was nice and cool. We camped, visited the Mall of America, and camped some more! We took a day to go further north to Lake Superior and we saw light houses, the boys swam in the brisk lake, and we crossed over to Wisconsin. On the way back south we even found a zoo to wander through.

Would you like to see my vacation slide show? Here, I’ll dim the lights and poor ya a coffee. Thanks for stopping by.

Minnesota welcomes us 🙂 Even a trucker went “honk HOOOONK” as we were taking the picture – so friendly there.

Choppin’ fire wood at the campsite. Its a rite of passage…

We got a round of putt putt in at the campground!

After swimming we used the cabin’s porch to dry out our suits – like a little built in clothes line.

The boys gathered ’round the campfire before bed. It felt nice and warm and we watched the lightning roll the storm in.

Practicing our scary faces with the flashlight!

Wild blueberries in our camp – at least we were pretty sure that’s what they were. But we were too chicken to taste them (we’re city folks, c’mon)!

One of the lighthouses at the lake in Duluth.

There were a ton of seagulls along the pier. And they were very used to people walking along beside them. It took a big noise to get them to fly away! (thank you boys – you made each and every one of those birds take flight!)

Dragging some drift wood up the beach.

Ah, the forests here are lovely and enchanting. I’m pretty sure I saw a gnome! 😉

The tall skinny trees grew so close together in the forests – they spanned as far as you could see.

Moss has taken over this tree stump. Is it weird that I want to pet it? 😉

The towering trees. I felt like a mouse in the woods.

Another forest shot. The tiny pine trees look so soft against the sea of barked trees.

The under layment of pine needles and pine cones was soft and squishy to walk on. And made things silent when they fell – like sunglasses. Go ahead, ask me how I know…

Tree tops in the clouds.

So, to sum up the trip, we loved it. If you love the outdoors and you’ve never been to Minnesota I think you should go. We give it two thumbs up and we’ll be back again – maybe next summer! (Definitely don’t want to try it out in the winter, little too cold for my bones!)


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