Project 365 [2/365]

Ah, easy supper. Comforting, warm soup with a side of cornbread.

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I got this recipe out of a Taste of Home cookbook ~ Simple and Delicious. I got the best review out of my husband. Hang on, here’s a bit of background story:

My husband hates vegetables.

The End.

But seriously though, he’s coming around. He enjoys a veggie every now and then. Our boys are another story. There will be a thing or two that each of them likes, but to throw them all in a pot together… I knew it wasn’t going to be a hit. But I wanted some veggie-beef soup real bad.

Well the hubs had the BEST prompt to get the boys to taste supper,
“Just try it, it tastes better than it looks.”
But you know what, they all ate some after that. Mission accomplished! And I think what he meant was that the veggies all cooked together and they absorbed a “beefy” taste from the burger and the beef broth.

So, our review will go something like this:
This soup really hit the spot on a cold winter night. Its easy, which is a huge perk for us. And although its chocked full of vegetables, it tastes a lot like beef! 😉



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