Project 365 [26/365]

party boys

You see those boys? No more than 20 minutes before I took this picture of them they were telling me all about their “staying up all night” plans. So what’s a good mom to do? I encouraged them!

Ha, score one for reverse psychology actually working!

My Dinner List (click here to download) was fun this week. A couple extra entries for Valentines Day class parties and for a dinner we had with friends.

This is one of the meals I planned on having in the above dinner list. I started thinking that maybe I should post pictures of what’s on there! Everyone knows that photos of food are more appealing than just talking about it.

Roast Beef Sammy supper

I made that pasta salad for a baby shower at work with the intention of making enough extra to serve for supper too – bonus! Its loaded with veggies (olives, carrots, broccoli, sometimes tomatoes, + whatever else your family likes), shredded parmasen cheese, and coated with a bottled Italian dressing.

The shredded roast beef sandwiches are an easy Slow Cooker meal. I put the raw roast and a jar of Giardiniera (here’s a photo of the brand that my store sells) in the slow cooker and top that with about half a packet of dry Italian dressing mix (or I’ll just sprinkle garlic and some herbs over the top if I don’t have a dressing mix). Then drop a beef bouillon cube in the juices.

To assemble the sandwiches you can buy whatever kind of french bread or sub rolls or hard rolls or whatever that you like. Cut them open. On one half you have to sprinkle a little olive oil and the other side gets the meat. Put a slice of provaloan or swiss on top. Broil that sucker for a couple minutes – til the cheese just starts to melt. The bread will be crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside!

Next up is the dipping sauce. The au jus. Aka – the best part! 😉
I saute some onions in butter til they’re just tender. Then pour in some of the liquid that cooked off of the meat. Now taste test it. Its likely going to be a bit sour from the Giardiniera, its pretty vinegary. To even that out I needed something sweet but I didn’t want to use sugar. So I surveyed my fridge and found applesauce. Perfect! I stirred in a couple [cereal] spoonfuls. It leveled out the flavor really well.

Add a side of fresh blackberries and we’re set!

See how good you could be eating if you follow along with my meal plans?!
Click here for more info about doing just that!

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