Projecct 365 [33/365]

~ Watch dog ~

foster boy

We were all glued to the windows watching the snow fall, including the dog. It felt like we were in a snow globe looking out. Serene. Secluded. Forced to hibernate. It was actually quite refreshing.

Though I think we’d go insane if this was life.


2 thoughts on “Projecct 365 [33/365]

  1. I’m living in the second coldest capital in the world – Astana – with deep snow from late October through to April……… so I know just how you feel! Snowstorms yesterday and today. Luckily I quite like snow but it does turn some people quietly insane I think. Love your photography, so I look forward to seeing more from you. xxx

    • Thank you!
      Wow, it does look cold in Astana. I’ll be honest – I had to Google Map it! 😉
      The thing that I like about the snow here is that whenever we do get a lot, its usually gone within a week! That makes it easier to really enjoy it while its here. 🙂

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