Project 365 [34/365]

Recipe review: Copycat Recipe for Wendy’s chili

chili bowl

I got help from my youngest, Q.

cooking with Q 2

Nevermind the mess you see behind us. We were WORKING!! 🙂

cooking with Q

The chili was really good. It was the first time I followed an actual recipe for chili. Its always been one of those things that I just throw stuff into a pot and eat after an hour. But this time I wanted to actually make it more flavorful. Its always been sort of lacking in the past.

chili bowl 2

The recipe I went from is here. Its a copycat recipe from Wendy’s. It turned out really good! I didn’t add the water that the recipe called for. I like my chili thick. And after it simmered for a while the juice from the tomatoes thinned it out just enough.

I served them with a side of corn dog muffins
(and some plain corn bread muffins for me).

corn dog muffins

This dinner was a hit! Mister middle child ate THREE helpings of chili. And my husband loved it – which is saying something, he has always been a big fan of chili dogs, but never much for a bowl of chili. So when I get a positive review from him, I know it must be a good recipe!


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