Project 365 [37/365]

Chicken ‘n Noodles (a recipe for this will come)

I made my own noodles. A feat that is really quite simple (especially with the kitchen aide now!) but it makes me proud because its kind of a big deal. I think its funny because to my family it is an all day affair.

chicken n noodles - small

Mixing up the flour & eggs. Rolling them out. Cutting them. Leaving them to sit ALL day long. Then there’s the potatoes – peeling, chopping, boiling. And the chicken – boiling, shredding.

chicken n noodles side

But in my husband’s family this takes his mom mere minutes to put together! Everything she does is fast (and delicious too). Ok, well I guess boiling the chicken and making the mashed potatoes probably takes a similar amount of time. But its the noodles – she’s willing to put them in the chicken broth to cook right after she’s rolled them out and cut them up.

chicken n noodles top

I split the difference. My noodles dried out for about 2 hours. I rolled them thin and cut them pretty small.

The result? Perfection.

After clicking these pictures my middle boy wanted in on the action –

remy - food blogger

This was his money shot:

remys noodles

I see a food blog in somebody’s future! 😉 Makin’ his momma proud.

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