Happy May Day

So its May.

Its kinda my favorite month. My birthday is in May, lilacs & iris bloom, I get to plant my garden and dig in the dirt, there are thunderstorms, usually it warms up and there’s no more snow (although snow is in the forecast for later this week!), we can start cooking outside, you know – its SPRING!

butterfly on plum blossom :: cameraLinz

So I thought it would be a great day to share these fun butterfly pictures. Our middle boy found this pretty one in our yard. It wasn’t able to fly anymore.

boys playing with a butterfly :: cameraLinz

We took turns holding it and then placed it in the flowering tree.

black butterfly :: cameraLinz

P.S. – Hi, nice to see you again. What’s it been… 2 months since I posted anything? So much for that 365-post-a-day project for this year! Oh well, I’ll try not to be such a stranger though. 😉


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