Google results

Hey, know what’s exciting? Well I was checking out stats earlier today and I saw that someone came to my blog after googling “pioneer woman chicken enchilada soup”. I was like: WHAAAAT? So I googled it to see where I landed. You know, like on page 17 and this person was a crazy googler or something. But lo-and-behold, well just see for yourself:

google results

Ha, my enchilada soup comes up BEFORE hers. 🙂 How cool is that?! (Nevermind that the second picture of the shredded chicken or whatever is from her site. But the finished product – I’m there!) First page. Seventh picture (yes, I counted).

Want to make it? Its pretty dang good. Here’s a link:
Chicken Enchilada Soup :: by cameraLinz

One thought on “Google results

  1. I love that you tracked your link to page 17. That’s some real detective work. And yeah, that was a crazy Googler. I would also be crazy excited to be linked in any way to the Pioneer Woman.

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