Meal Plan :: June 10th

I’ve put together a short meal plan for this week. I only accounted for four days because who knows what a Friday dinner holds for us. We usually hang out at our house and have my brother and his family over. We’ll order food or cook together. Time will tell.

This is a grilled chicken dinner we had last week:

Grilled Chicken Dinner

The chicken was marinated with Italian dressing and Worcestershire sauce. The rice is a cilantro lime recipe from Martha Stewart and the salad is Summer Walnut Salad – but with a few tweaks based on what I had on hand. I made the dressing for the salad and it was very citrusy and played well with the rice. I used kale instead of spinach and almonds instead of walnuts. And I used rice wine vinegar instead of white wine vinegar in the dressing.

All very good and I highly recommend the combination. It was very summery!

Here is the PDF for this week’s meal plan. (For more information about my meal plans visit the Supper Time! page.)

Also – what do you think of my new layout?!! I’m loving the larger picture space and the simplicity.


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