Foraging in the Field

Mulberry trees have grown in our backyard so quickly since we moved in (6 years ago – wow how time flies).
mulberries | cameraLinz
I loved them as a kid but they didn’t grow in my yard. I’d eat them every chance I got though, always baffled that they were never offered in the grocery store like other berries are. I think they’re pretty – splashes of red and black hidden in the dark green leaves.
mulberries | cameraLinz
Our boys love picking these berries and eating them right then and there. I try to get them to collect a lot so we can create a dessert. Though, I don’t know how well they’d actually stand up in a cobbler or a sauce for ice cream. Surely they’re not that different from raspberries or blackberries, right?
mulberry picking | cameraLinz
Sticky purple fingers and cheeks are sure sign that they’ve been in the field picking a snack.
mulberries | cameraLinz
There is only one rule the boys have to follow.
-Share your findings with your momma!
mulberries collected | cameraLinz

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