Strawberry Vanilla Bean Frozen Custard :: A Recipe Review

 strawberry ice cream | cameralinz
Its hot.
Its humid.
Its a midwest summer.
What sounds better than a big bowl of sweet vanilla ice cream swirled with fresh red strawberries!
strawberry ice cream | cameralinz
I made my first attempt at ice cream! Wow, I couldn’t have picked a better recipe to follow. Strawberry ice cream has always been my favorite, stand-by flavor. So while reading this article on Dash and Bella about this flavor combo I new I was ready to give it a go.
strawberry ice cream | cameralinz
I read her recipe a couple times over and was prepared to keep the heat pretty low and stir stir stir! My husband came in and checked on me a few times. I think I was keeping the heat a little too low maybe. The custard was NOT getting thick. Up goes the heat – just a tad.
stir stir stir
Twenty minutes has gone by.
stir stir stir
Thirty minutes.
stir stir stir
thick custard | cameralinz
Ok, about 35 minutes into it I believe the custard is thick enough! Into the cold bowl it goes and waits overnight in the fridge.
The following evening we load it and the strawberries into the ice cream maker. Once it finishes we pour the ice cream into a bowl and let it get a little harder in the freezer until after supper.
strawberry ice cream | cameralinz
The whole family loved this recipe! Huge success. I will be making this over and over again.
Note — do keep the temperature low the WHOLE time and do stir constantly. I tried making it again. And I was less patient this time. I tried warming the cream-egg mixture at more of a mediumish temperature and although I stirred and stirred it still curdled. I was so bummed, we were really ready for another batch!
Oh well, third time’s a charm! 🙂 Follow Phyllis’ recipe for yourself (and just read her blog), you will not be disappointed!


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