Meal Plan :: July 12

I hope your summer is going well. Ours is, but it is flying by! And I do not like that! We haven’t gone camping yet this season. We’re trying to figure out a little road trip to take for the family (as well as one for just the hubs and I — our 10 year anniversary is in the fall!). I’m looking for a local orchard to take the boys to for picking peaches. The ones in the grocery stores are good but nothing beats “home” grown, even if its not our home.
summer fruit trayBelow is a typical summer dish – grilled burgers, home fries, baked beans, and fresh cantaloupe. We love this. I’m piling on veggies every chance I get – avocados, lettuce, and tomatoes on the burger. Peppers and jalapenos in the beans. The family is slowly getting on the veggie train. They’re sometimes left with no choice. Unless they enjoy being hungry. The kids will be up for a surprise once I start integrating a few meatless meals into our meal plans.
Burger & FriesOur meal plan for this week can be seen here (meal plan :: July 10) and you’ll see that there are some veg-infused options on there like stuffed peppers and some veggie-rice-pilaf. I’m having a hard time wanting to cook right now though. Its so hot here. Yesterday the temp was well above 100°, or at least it felt like it! And for some reason all I want to do is bake bread or biscuits or casseroles. But my poor house is having a hard time staying below 80° so the thought of turning on the stove is just too much to handle. It’ll cool off … eventually. Though I bet I’ll lose my baking bug by then – typical “want what you can’t have” mentality! Ha!

As always – you can find all of our meal plans on the bottom of the Supper Time! page. Cheers to good eats and staying cool!

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