Bike Ride

These past couple of weeks have been great, weather-wise! Pretty fluffy clouds, much much milder temperatures, and rain almost every night. Our youngest turned 6 (SIX?!!!) and the boys and I took our bikes up to their school to ride around on the big playground and the track (so long as no one was already on it, that is).antique, wildflowersThe birthday boy loves riding his new big bike WITHOUT training wheels. The only problem is, our driveway is big enough to hold six cars (you know, small-mid sized cars that is) but when you get 3 kids riding their bikes around they get dizzy and kind of run into each other. Not cool. So to the school yard it is!Q bikeR and Dcloudy skiesWe brought our ball along because the boys love to play four square. But its not like it was when I was in school! They have these weird words they say before starting and I guess they’re declaring the rules for the round. All of which the “king” gets to decide. Things like “no gotchas” and some other just words. I don’t even know what it means and for some reason that makes me mad. I just say the only rule we have is to keep the ball going.
bounce, bounce, bounce…
go, go, GO!

They think I’m lame. Ha!four squareWe finished the day off with a ride around the whole campus – the grade school and the middle school are attached. (No, we don’t live in a tiny town. These were just built at the same time I guess. Its one of four middle schools here. Anyway…) We got around to the front of the school and saw the new marquee sign (YAY)! marqueeThat’ll be nice for the upcoming school year. Then we loaded up our bikes back into the pickup and raced the oldest home! On your mark… get set… GO!bike seat and wildflowers

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