The County Fair

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The fair came rumbling through town and try as I might to block my kids’ ears from learning about it, they found out. Of course the oldest (being a typical 12 year old) did not want to go with mom and dad. So he went with friends and we saw them there. Talked for just a sec then went about our business. Our younger boys couldn’t think of anyone better to go with than mom and dad, so YAY!

Kansas Summer Carnival

The boys hadn’t gone to the fair in a couple years and I’m not so sure they were even big enough to ride anything the last time we took them. When we got to the fairgrounds we parked across the street at the school and the first thing you can see are a bunch of huge tractors for sale. We tell the boys we’re thinking of buying a tractor – which one should we get?! They are SO excited. They start climbing into them and pointing out cool features on each one. Big diggers, scoopers, twirly diggy things, ladders to get up to the enclosed seats. Then we let them know we’re kidding and we came to see the arts and crafts that the kids made in 4H. Cool! They were stoked. Mr. Middle Child wants to join 4H (he learned that the kids have the opportunity to SELL their crafts and all he heard from that point on was it was a money making venture!).

Kansas Summer Carnival Food

Well, evil as we are we told them that we’re joking again and that we’re going to grab some dinner. CHEERS! They are even happier. We get in line for corn dogs and the biggest basket of curly fries you have ever seen. Like the size of a cinder block. So much for healthy eating – just for one night! Then while we’re waiting in line they finally notice that there is a carnival going on! Yes, RIDES!!!

Kansas Summer Carnival Ferris Wheel

We ate our fair food and watched a local cover band (Sellout!) sing a bunch of songs we knew. Cover bands are the best, aren’t they?! Plus they dress up as different characters. Dorothy (wizard of oz) and Cat Woman were the lead singers. I’m pretty sure some of the other characters were Gene Simmons and a guy from Devo plus a couple other members too. Ok, enough music … time to ride something!! We walk around the rides a couple laps and watch everything go up and down and around until the boys pick out what they want to try. Remy is sure he wants to go upside down but Quinton feels like that might be too much (and we agreed). Remy and Papa Bear team up first.

Carnival Ride Remy

There they go – upside down time!

Kansas Summer Carnival Top Gun

That might have been a little much for Remy. Tony said that he looked like he was about to pass out so he kept telling Remy to yell. Afterwards Remy told me that part, about the yelling, but he didn’t understand why Dad kept making him scream. When I told him that he looked like he was fading fast he didn’t really deny it. Ha, good move Papa Bear, having a passed out kid on an upside down carnival ride would’ve been a true buzz-kill for the night!

Now Quinton gets to pick the ride and I get to go with him. After much deliberation he chooses The Tornado. He’s just tall enough so we climb on. Daddy and Remy wait for us and cheer us on. This is Q’s first “big boy” ride. How exciting! It was just the right amount of thrills too, fun and spinny but no barfing side effects.

Kansas Summer Carnival Tornado

We take a walk around again for a while. We pet some farm animals (and some un-farm animals: camel, ostrich…) and we walk over to the arena where the derby is held. The boys pretend to be ticket salesmen and they run and climb all over the stands. We decide to take another walk through the carnival before we leave and the boys ask to go through the House of Mirrors. Its pretty hilarious to watch them bounce around and bump into the walls.

Kansas Summer Carnival Pretend

We had a really good time. Fun food, exciting rides, and lots of laughs.
Maybe we’ll go back next year too.

Kansas Summer Carnival Sunset

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