Food Photography Course – night 3 of 30

I signed up for an online food photography course on I tried to do it once over the summer but fell behind right off the bat. I’m determined to finish it this time!

Today is technically day three of the course but its the first day of shooting. Day one we studied some famous food photogs. Day two we decided what our subject would be throughout the 30 days. I decided that using produce would be my best bet. Having to make a meal and shoot it tends to get hectic every evening. Keep it simple, keep it simple… So for day three we are studying different camera angles — the 0 – 15° range, the 45°, and the 90°. I realized that shooting at 45° comes most naturally to me, though its my least favorite result.

45° —

cameraLinz | oranges at 45°

90° —

cameraLinz | oranges at 90°

straight on —

cameraLinz | oranges straight on

I think the straight on was my favorite this time around.

Also, I white balanced these using my Kelvin setting. For the first time ever. Little to no PP involved. I like it, definitely something worth practicing more!


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