[365] of 365: FINAL POST!

After much thought about what my last post should be I decided that I needed to make one more antique postcard style photo. That’s my favorite technique that I’ve picked up over the past year. And what better subject matter than my antique bicycle! Its an old Western Flyer ~ Cosmo, or something to that […]

[364] of 365

I’ve been so excited to do something with this series of photos! Now, they’re a little old – Q doesn’t use a paci anymore, but its fun nonetheless! He’s riding his scooter on the patio and I used the quick shutter setting on my camera. I faded the colors a bit and I think its […]

[363] of 365

Reminiscing …autumn the creepy-crawlies are prepping for winter, sunflowers are glowing in the fields – bees are buzzing around them, pumpkins are ripe for harvest, and the berries on the trees ripen for the squirrels and birds’ to fill their bellies the warm colors of autumn are so vivid and are a final hurrah before […]