Shrimp — Baked in a Lemon Butter Sauce

This recipe is about as simple as it gets! The best kind of dinner. I came across it on Pinterest and it linked me back to this site: Do It and How. The boys loved it. Even my hubs who is a self proclaimed sea food hater, said these were really good. So I consider that a win!

1 pound raw shrimp (still in skins)
1 stick butter
1 lemon
1 packet dry Italian Dressing seasoning (I used a mixture of garlic powder, onion powder, parsley, dill, and chives)


Preheat oven to 350 F

Cover a cookie pan with foil. Melt the butter in the pan.

Slice lemon and spread slices over the melted butter.

Lay the uncooked shrimp over the lemon slices.

Sprinkle with seasoning mixture.

Bake about 15 minutes (give or take a few minutes depending on the size of your shrimp).

When they are pink all over take them out and stir up with the butter and lemon slices.

Serve with fresh lemon slices for the juice and garnish.

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