Recipe :: Rustic Pie

Pie. Galette. Tart. I can make those now! I’d never made a pie crust from scratch before. Proudly I can say that I have now! Technically I guess I made a Pâte Brisée. What’s that? After some research I learned that its a shortcrust pastry. No sugar added. And the butter-to-flour ratio is about 3/5 […]

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These are the two largest sticks of dynamite I’ve ever seen! They are in the middle of a field near my house. Ok, they’re just some sort of silo. They were painted like this right before the fourth of July this year. A local firework stand set up shop next to them and had a pretty cute […]

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oh boys, boys, boys… It just wouldn’t be the fourth without doing damage to some Hot Wheels. It starts out innocent enough, smoke bombs, snakes, poppers … but sooner or later they break out the firecrackers. This smoke bomb had the prettiest plum smoke. I remember when I was little the “purple” smoke bombs blew […]