[365] of 365: FINAL POST!

After much thought about what my last post should be I decided that I needed to make one more antique postcard style photo. That’s my favorite technique that I’ve picked up over the past year. And what better subject matter than my antique bicycle! Its an old Western Flyer ~ Cosmo, or something to that […]


[346] of 365

Waiting downtown I had a moment to first, see this mid-evil building top and second the birds that were swooping in for a landing. If I were a better story teller I’d come up with a Poe-esque story to go along with this photo. I did a little post processing to give it an aged look.

[236] of 365

This is one of my favorite color combinations — cobalt, crimson/terra cotta, ivory. Reminds me of the color scheme in 300. I used the channel mixer and made it monochromatic then added color back in where I wanted it. The original photo was too busy – with the twigs going all over the place. I […]