*I* draw & cook!

Have you heard of the site: theydrawandcook.com? I found it a while back and have been taking my time coming up with an idea for it. Well, last night I made this recipe and the family loved it. Well, hold on. Let me backtrack… So my husband brought home a piece of blueberry cobbler about […]


[278] of 365

This wagon belonged to my brother and I when we were little. I sure hope to get another generation of kids out of it! The rate that my boys go through toys though, this poor vintage thing just doesn’t have a chance. I antiqued this picture a little and brightened the snow up. My camera […]

[236] of 365

This is one of my favorite color combinations — cobalt, crimson/terra cotta, ivory. Reminds me of the color scheme in 300. I used the channel mixer and made it monochromatic then added color back in where I wanted it. The original photo was too busy – with the twigs going all over the place. I […]