Cookies on a Breezy Afternoon

I’ve been eyeing the recipe on the peanut butter chip package for a while now. For at least the last three I’ve bought! And today was finally cool enough to feel ok about turning the oven on. I escaped the help of the little guys since they were busy playing in the backyard pretty much […]

Muffin review

I made the most amazing blueberry muffins a couple weeks ago. And I’m finally getting around to writing about it. As you can see, they make a round top. Which means two things for me. 1 – they are pretty (yay) and 2 – they stick to my pan like crazy (d’oh). So unfortunately I […]

Reminiscing over Cookies

I’ve been having fun baking lately. And that makes me realize how fast I go through pantry staples. Baking powder? That stuff used to expire before I could use it all! And Vanilla Extract … I’d have a bottle of that stuff around for a couple years. But now that I bake a lot I […]

[276] of 365

Homemade egg noodles + my first time = SUCCESS! The chicken and noodles were amazing, and I believe its the noodles that made all the difference. I owed it to my family. The last time I made “chicken and noodles” I used elbow macaroni or something equally as lame straight outta the pantry. Not that […]

[231] of 365: Blueberry Oat Muffins

Ahhh, posted a new recipe! These are easy and so yummy with bacon and coffee! They used just egg whites (which was new to me for muffins) but maybe that’s why they were so light! I couldn’t tell ya if they hold up well overnight, ours lasted a matter of minutes! If you try out […]