Family Dinner::Chicken Enchiladas

We sat down together for something that wasn’t on the Meal List for dinner this week. But its a favorite, and I kind of chickened out of making the Satay. I’ll keep it in mind and add it to a future list soon. Sometimes its nice to make something that everyone is familiar with. Guess […]

Soup & Cornbread

A five leaf clover! This is why I love gardening … being down close enough to the ground and putting my focus that low, I always seem to find at least one four leaf clover each season. But I’ve only ever found a five leaf clover one other time. Now two. My birthday was last […]

Cinnamon Rolls {a quickie post}

So I made these amazing (UH-MAY-ZING!) cinnamon rolls the other day. I am still intimidated by yeast recipes but after this one, I’ll be gaining confidence pretty quickly. I have every intention of posting a real recipe … I even have step by step pictures! But tonight its late. And I’m sleepy. So I’m posting […]

[331] of 365

I’ve posted the recipe to the Blueberry Cheesecake here. It tastes like spring time! Much needed right about now. Its cool and creamy and sweet ~ how do you describe a blueberry besides sweet? So its also blueberry-y. And talk about the ultimate comfort food! Cheesecake it is! Above is a closeup of the blueberry […]