[276] of 365

Homemade egg noodles + my first time = SUCCESS! The chicken and noodles were amazing, and I believe its the noodles that made all the difference. I owed it to my family. The last time I made “chicken and noodles” I used elbow macaroni or something equally as lame straight outta the pantry. Not that […]

[272] of 365

So I have some posts to make up for. I should be posting 312, not 272. But the way I see it, I still have 2 months to make up for lost time before my deadline rolls around. And who doesn’t work better under pressure anyway! Tonight we had these pork & pineapple tacos. Inspired […]

[219] of 365

I made my first attempt at using yeast this weekend! And I love how it turned out. The recipe will make 4 loaves. It tastes like French bread. Now I want to experiment with the additional things I can make with the base recipe — foccacia bread, monkey bread, pizza dough, dinner rolls, wheat bread… […]