the birds of the wetlands at sunrise

After going through my photos that I took at the wetlands I decided against posting them all at once. I felt like I may as well be setting up my projector and locking the door. 😉 Instead, I’ll show them off in smaller groups. This way, I’ll sort of savor them longer and get more […]

[346] of 365

Waiting downtown I had a moment to first, see this mid-evil building top and second the birds that were swooping in for a landing. If I were a better story teller I’d come up with a Poe-esque story to go along with this photo. I did a little post processing to give it an aged look.

[252]of 365

Ok, so I’m giving this new-to-me effect a shot. Its a lomographic effect. Its similar to a cross-process effect. Maybe this wasn’t quite the right picture to choose. I’m going to try it out on a few different subjects. The blue of the sky, the antique yellow around the sun and the pop of the […]