Creamy Tomato Pasta with Chicken ~ a review

I tried this dish from Southern Girl Cooking. And it looks like (after re-reading her recipe) that I didn’t exactly follow her recipe. I think the chicken was supposed to have some of the tomato sauce on it too. *shrug* Oh well. I liked it. It was definitely comfort food. It was even good enough […]

Hey Shrimp!

You like quick, easy dinners right? Yeah, me too. These lemon butter shrimps (get the recipe here) are a great option. They were so flavorful. My kids thought it was fun to peel them out of their skins, which made fixing their plates even easier. I served them with twice baked potatoes and a simple […]

Family Dinner::Chicken Enchiladas

We sat down together for something that wasn’t on the Meal List for dinner this week. But its a favorite, and I kind of chickened out of making the Satay. I’ll keep it in mind and add it to a future list soon. Sometimes its nice to make something that everyone is familiar with. Guess […]

[342] of 365 Family Dinner

Another family dinner post. Yay! This one was a huge hit. I used the chicken from my Chicken Parmesan recipe and gave it more of a fried chicken setting. But that posed a dilemma… I didn’t have any pan drippings to make my country gravy with. I called my parents. My mom answered (and even […]