Family Dinner::Chicken Enchiladas

We sat down together for something that wasn’t on the Meal List for dinner this week. But its a favorite, and I kind of chickened out of making the Satay. I’ll keep it in mind and add it to a future list soon. Sometimes its nice to make something that everyone is familiar with. Guess […]

Sticking with the plan

After tackling the meal plan and getting recipes in order there still lies two more challenges: grocery shopping & the actual cooking. Well I got the shopping done Sunday morning with the help of my middle child. He’s really in that helper stage right now and I love it. He likes to find the things […]

[291] of 365 Family Dinner

I truly believe in family dinners. Tonight we had a good one: pork & apples, baked sweet & russet potato “fries”, broccoli salad, and garlic toast. Everything was delicious and everyone was in a good mood and well behaved. Well, except for when number 2 was goofin’ off and knocked my plate around with his […]