ya dig?

Spring is poking its little head up and we have a lot of planting to do! We’ve doubled the size of our garden beds for this year and I have big plans for that whole space. Berry bushes, grape vines, corn… and that’s just the things that won’t even fit in the beds. We bought […]


Meal Plan :: October 9th

I’m so happy fall is here! Its my favorite season. And with the change of weather and daylight (that part I don’t like at all!) comes along a change in produce. We start buying more and more pears and apples. We even visited an apple orchard for the first time – I’ll have pics of […]

Vacationing Up North

We took our family vacation up in Minnesota a couple weeks ago. What a beautiful part of the country. And oh the temps – waaaaaay refreshing after sitting in the middle of the longest heat wave I’ve ever experienced! The trees were really tall, moss grew on the ground, the rocks were all smoothed over […]