Project 365 [19/365]

New week – new meal plan. 1-19-13 Meal Plan Please feel free to view it, download it, whatever. For more info about my meal planning please click here! Now, you know that whole balance, healthy eating, whole foods things I’m working on… These chili dogs and nachos kind of break that plan. But the good […]

Wake up with a smoothie!

So how do you like to start out your day? Do you have a routine? A cup of coffee, yoga, meditation, the news… There are a ton of options out there. Now that the school year is back in I have started trying to carve out a morning routine for myself. I was in the […]

post [170] of 365

The long road of life… Hopefully it will be a straight path for him in real life. Remy can’t wait to grow up. He talks about what he’ll do when he’s as big as so-in-so. Oh the things he will do. I tell him to enjoy being a kid for now. But at least it […]