My dinner is better than yours

I don’t mean to brag, but its true. Look at these! I made shredded beef and potato gorditas. They were crispy and soft and salty and savory. To add to it we had a side of fruit salsa and cinnamon chips. Uuuuhhhhhh….. I’m so full! You want some too, huh! Lucky you, I’ve provided the […]

Family Dinner::Chicken Enchiladas

We sat down together for something that wasn’t on the Meal List for dinner this week. But its a favorite, and I kind of chickened out of making the Satay. I’ll keep it in mind and add it to a future list soon. Sometimes its nice to make something that everyone is familiar with. Guess […]

[272] of 365

So I have some posts to make up for. I should be posting 312, not 272. But the way I see it, I still have 2 months to make up for lost time before my deadline rolls around. And who doesn’t work better under pressure anyway! Tonight we had these pork & pineapple tacos. Inspired […]

[244] of 365: Knockoff Chipotle Burritos

This dish is so easy, delicious and flexible! See the recipe here! The first time I made them my hubby said they tasted like Chipotle burritos. So we dubbed them that. They are filled with seasoned, shredded chicken, rice, corn, tomatoes, chili peppers, black beans, cheese and love! haha, seriously though. They are too good […]