Wake up with a smoothie!

So how do you like to start out your day? Do you have a routine? A cup of coffee, yoga, meditation, the news… There are a ton of options out there. Now that the school year is back in I have started trying to carve out a morning routine for myself. I was in the […]

[231] of 365: Blueberry Oat Muffins

Ahhh, posted a new recipe! These are easy and so yummy with bacon and coffee! They used just egg whites (which was new to me for muffins) but maybe that’s why they were so light! I couldn’t tell ya if they hold up well overnight, ours lasted a matter of minutes! If you try out […]


post [183] of 365

We have this obnoxious vine that grows over our evergreens. I mean, its pretty but it would really take over if we’d let it! The leaves are a long V shape. I usually pull them up. But, I’ve been slackin’ on yard maintenance and weeds are taking over! The upside is that it blooms these […]