Project 365 [27/365]

Here are pictures of the pretty desserts I made for my two youngest’s Valentines parties at school. My oldest thinks the strawberry chocolate cupcakes are too fancy for kindergardeners! I kind of agree, but it was fun to make them this pretty! Stay tuned for a recipe for the chocolate strawberry cupcakes – I’ll be […]

Project 365 [15/365]

Cookies with the frostin’ and the number seven on em. This was the request I received for the class birthday party snack from Remy. He loves sugar cookies. So I decided to try out Royal frosting while I was at it. You know, the whole two birds with one stone thing. I’ll get to try […]

day: [11] of 365

Today was magic. Literally. We went to a birthday party and there was a magician.  The boys, well all the kids, were fascinated.  He made a girl levitate, he made balls and cards multiply and disappear.  He made chocolate eggs appear from a flash of fire!  At the end of the show he brought the kids […]