Portraits for a little lady

  I took portraits of our friends’ daughter. She was really on the move! At just over a year, she thought it was total freedom roaming the park. She kept looking back at her mama with the why-aren’t-you-chasing-me look. Here is a handful of the photos I took…           Since this […]


the birds of the wetlands at sunrise

After going through my photos that I took at the wetlands I decided against posting them all at once. I felt like I may as well be setting up my projector and locking the door. 😉 Instead, I’ll show them off in smaller groups. This way, I’ll sort of savor them longer and get more […]

[365] of 365: FINAL POST!

After much thought about what my last post should be I decided that I needed to make one more antique postcard style photo. That’s my favorite technique that I’ve picked up over the past year. And what better subject matter than my antique bicycle! Its an old Western Flyer ~ Cosmo, or something to that […]

[364] of 365

I’ve been so excited to do something with this series of photos! Now, they’re a little old – Q doesn’t use a paci anymore, but its fun nonetheless! He’s riding his scooter on the patio and I used the quick shutter setting on my camera. I faded the colors a bit and I think its […]