Meal Plan :: June 10th

I’ve put together a short meal plan for this week. I only accounted for four days because who knows what a Friday dinner holds for us. We usually hang out at our house and have my brother and his family over. We’ll order food or cook together. Time will tell. This is a grilled chicken […]

Project 365 [26/365]

You see those boys? No more than 20 minutes before I took this picture of them they were telling me all about their “staying up all night” plans. So what’s a good mom to do? I encouraged them! Ha, score one for reverse psychology actually working! My Dinner List (click here to download) was fun […]

Project 365 [19/365]

New week – new meal plan. 1-19-13 Meal Plan Please feel free to view it, download it, whatever. For more info about my meal planning please click here! Now, you know that whole balance, healthy eating, whole foods things I’m working on… These chili dogs and nachos kind of break that plan. But the good […]

Meal Plan :: October 9th

I’m so happy fall is here! Its my favorite season. And with the change of weather and daylight (that part I don’t like at all!) comes along a change in produce. We start buying more and more pears and apples. We even visited an apple orchard for the first time – I’ll have pics of […]