Stormy night

I took our dog out tonight before bed and decided I wasn’t quite ready for bed yet…the lightning was going crazy. And this was the perfect opportunity to use the manual settings on my new camera! Here’s what I caught: This was the sharpest photo I got. I think its pretty. Soon after this the […]

post [189] of 365

Tried something a little different with my clouds today. Thanks to Photoshop and its awesome Photomerge feature it was a really simple process. I just played with a few of the different stitching choices and decided that the ‘auto’ one worked best for me. Then I gave it a gentle curve to really emphasize the […]

post [181] of 365

We have this awesome weeping spruce tree in our front yard. I picked it out for my birthday present a couple years ago and its growing really well. It seems like many of the other “evergreen” trees in our neighborhood (or maybe even region?) aren’t doing so hot these days. I have a personal theory […]