the birds of the wetlands at sunrise

After going through my photos that I took at the wetlands I decided against posting them all at once. I felt like I may as well be setting up my projector and locking the door. 😉 Instead, I’ll show them off in smaller groups. This way, I’ll sort of savor them longer and get more […]

Sunrise with the ducks

This past Friday I decided that I wanted to take some sunrise photos. I went to bed at a decent hour and set my alarm. I even recruited my hubby into waking me up because I kind of despise the alarm clock and ignore it more often than not. He loves waking me up and […]

post [181] of 365

We have this awesome weeping spruce tree in our front yard. I picked it out for my birthday present a couple years ago and its growing really well. It seems like many of the other “evergreen” trees in our neighborhood (or maybe even region?) aren’t doing so hot these days. I have a personal theory […]