Dash …er, Remy with a motion blur

The boys have been wearing their costume pjs as normal clothing lately. I think its damn cute so I’m not stopping them! Plus daycare doesn’t seem to mind either (psh, even if she did I’d let them wear their costumes). So when we were on our walk I decided to play with my shutter speed […]

post [196] of 365

A sunset walk after dinner. Though, the boys can’t seem to ‘walk’ with us! They have to run ahead. Trouble is, there are a lot of bike riders on this path and the boys are way too lofty to keep an eye out for them and when they do see them coming they freeze up […]

day: [70] of 365

Our oldest son is eight. He joined a marathon club at school. They meet 3 times a week, varying before or after school. He received this t-shirt for completing 26.2 miles! He also rides his bike to and from school so I can only imagine how many miles he’s ridden all year! We are really […]