Bike Ride

These past couple of weeks have been great, weather-wise! Pretty fluffy clouds, much much milder temperatures, and rain almost every night. Our youngest turned 6 (SIX?!!!) and the boys and I took our bikes up to their school to ride around on the big playground and the track (so long as no one was already […]

Project 365 [6/365]

New Years Resolutions. Do you make them? I always do. Its nice to have a time to reflect on how things are going in life and decide what is working out and what isn’t. Reading about resolutions is always interesting. So many articles say that people have a hard time sticking to their resolutions for […]

twinkle twinkle little star

I got a tripod for Valentines Day this year (the hubs really knows the way to this girl’s heart!). I’ve been using it to take a few food pictures but I hadn’t taken it outside for star pictures yet. Until now. It was really windy the other night when I took these. But despite that, […]