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Ok, so I’m giving this new-to-me effect a shot. Its a lomographic effect. Its similar to a cross-process effect. Maybe this wasn’t quite the right picture to choose. I’m going to try it out on a few different subjects. The blue of the sky, the antique yellow around the sun and the pop of the […]

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So I’ve started playing with the manual settings on my camera. I don’t take a very “scientific” approach to photography. I just snap pictures with random settings until I get the effect that I want. I can see the pattern and adjust accordingly, but I couldn’t tell ya that certain f-stops or shutter speeds get […]

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Tonight at sunset I wanted to try a different approach. The sky wasn’t particularly interesting and there weren’t any clouds. I decided to try out some sunray bokeh? or solar flare? Whatever its called, I’m happy with this result. I had two to choose from and my hubby had to be my tie-breaker. I positioned […]