Google results

Hey, know what’s exciting? Well I was checking out stats earlier today and I saw that someone came to my blog after googling “pioneer woman chicken enchilada soup”. I was like: WHAAAAT? So I googled it to see where I landed. You know, like on page 17 and this person was a crazy googler or […]

Soup & Cornbread

A five leaf clover! This is why I love gardening … being down close enough to the ground and putting my focus that low, I always seem to find at least one four leaf clover each season. But I’ve only ever found a five leaf clover one other time. Now two. My birthday was last […]

day: [21] of 365

Needed some comfort food for lunch over the weekend. This rich, cheesy potato soup was exactly the right thing to make! I’ll post the recipe for it soon. Its super easy and everyone eats it up. -Everyone besides Quinton, but he doesn’t like very many of our meals lately. He must get too many snacks… […]