*I* draw & cook!

Have you heard of the site: theydrawandcook.com? I found it a while back and have been taking my time coming up with an idea for it. Well, last night I made this recipe and the family loved it. Well, hold on. Let me backtrack… So my husband brought home a piece of blueberry cobbler about […]


[365] of 365: FINAL POST!

After much thought about what my last post should be I decided that I needed to make one more antique postcard style photo. That’s my favorite technique that I’ve picked up over the past year. And what better subject matter than my antique bicycle! Its an old Western Flyer ~ Cosmo, or something to that […]

[238] of 365

Have you ever had a plan for your photo in your head, but you sit down to execute it and when you see the finished product you say to yourself – damn! That turned out better than I’d hoped! I hope that’s happened to you before because its the best feeling! I’ve been trying to […]