Project 365 [27/365]

Here are pictures of the pretty desserts I made for my two youngest’s Valentines parties at school. My oldest thinks the strawberry chocolate cupcakes are too fancy for kindergardeners! I kind of agree, but it was fun to make them this pretty! Stay tuned for a recipe for the chocolate strawberry cupcakes – I’ll be […]

[335] of 365

HaHaHa! Can you tell who the comic relief is in our family?! Number two was playing with his glow stick that he got in his Valentines treat bag from us and he started crossing his eyes, which is a new skill! I had to use a pretty slow shutter speed since there wasn’t too much […]

[334] of 365

In the blur of cookie decorating I decided to personalize a cookie each for the boys! (and some of their cousins too) We wanted to make cookies as Valentines gifts to our families. I was going to experiment with chocolate piping this year but I never got around to buying the melty chocolate stuff. The […]