Sunset Walk on the Beach

A couple weeks ago a friend and I took a photo walk. We went to the lake and found a cool beach with drift wood and rocks and we were there long enough to watch the sun set. Here are a few of the photos I took, it was a lot of fun. We want […]

Dash …er, Remy with a motion blur

The boys have been wearing their costume pjs as normal clothing lately. I think its damn cute so I’m not stopping them! Plus daycare doesn’t seem to mind either (psh, even if she did I’d let them wear their costumes). So when we were on our walk I decided to play with my shutter speed […]


[236] of 365

This is one of my favorite color combinations — cobalt, crimson/terra cotta, ivory. Reminds me of the color scheme in 300. I used the channel mixer and made it monochromatic then added color back in where I wanted it. The original photo was too busy – with the twigs going all over the place. I […]