Happiness :: Contest

Its the first week of the month so there’s another Photo Contest on the I Heart Faces website. This month’s theme is “Happiness”. I thought this would be a breeze. Then I started looking through my photos and the ones where my kids are happiest aren’t technically good photos. They’ll have a motion blur or […]

Sunset Walk on the Beach

A couple weeks ago a friend and I took a photo walk. We went to the lake and found a cool beach with drift wood and rocks and we were there long enough to watch the sun set. Here are a few of the photos I took, it was a lot of fun. We want […]

the birds of the wetlands at sunrise

After going through my photos that I took at the wetlands I decided against posting them all at once. I felt like I may as well be setting up my projector and locking the door. 😉 Instead, I’ll show them off in smaller groups. This way, I’ll sort of savor them longer and get more […]