Garden Gathering

I have really loved having a garden this summer. There are only a couple things growing, but that’s not the point! We’ve had fresh tomatoes any time we needed them. Cilantro was early on – which was a shame,  because the tomatoes weren’t ready yet. I’ll have to work on my herb-skills next year. We got a handful of jalapenos. And that rocked. But not enough to make my favorite snack – jalapeno popper-bacon-cream cheese-thingys. So, I’ll need to plant more of those next year. And the bell peppers. Well, I’ve yet to harvest a bell pepper. But all in all, I’d say this was a great “first” garden.

The boys jumped at the chance to help water and collect tomatoes. I started out hovering over them when they went out to pick. But after a few trips I started trusting their judgement.

Look at those decision making skills! 😉

Oh yeah, one more thing for next year … weeding!

A few jalapenos and some tomatoes – SCORE! We’ll be making salsa tonight, boys!

I only went with Roma Tomatoes this year, maybe we’ll expand to some of those plump juicy beefsteaks or something next year…

We have a surprise visitor in the garden too … a little cantaloupe vine has popped up. A couple months ago we had a friend tell me that we should dump our produce waste just on top of the garden. Now I know he was thinking “compost” which is awesome. But all I could see was the rotting food and flies all over the place. So I scooped them over to the side of the garden – I didn’t want to draw flies to my plants. Well, it all decomposed and the seeds in the cantaloupe guts sprouted! Lets see if we can produce some fruit before the season is over! (By the way, composting is awesome, another to-do list item for next summer, or maybe the next-next summer!) 😉

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