Project 365 [15/365]

Cookies with the frostin’ and the number seven on em.

This was the request I received for the class birthday party snack from Remy. He loves sugar cookies.

stencil sugar cookies

So I decided to try out Royal frosting while I was at it. You know, the whole two birds with one stone thing. I’ll get to try making something that I’ve wanted to try for a while now and Remy will get a fab snack to share with his classmates. Win-win.

I thought I would frost a number seven on like I normally do with sugar cookies. Then I got the idea to make a stencil. Plus we already had the red sugar in the cabinet. And it was almost 10 o’clock at night by the time I had the frosting made and the cookies had cooled. So why not try something completely brand new! Haha, seems like the perfect time to me, haha [insert crazy maniacal laughter and big bulging eyes here]. Who needs sleep?!

stenciled number seven on a cookie

Nah, I’m kind of kidding. It wasn’t too hard. We had the supplies and once I got started I was really on a roll. It was fun! And when the birthday boy woke up the next morning and saw the cookies he loved them. Although I did fall a little short – “Why didn’t you make the frostin’ yellow?” Shoot! I forgot about his color request too – yellow and red. My little fiery tempered boy’s favorite colors. I just told him that the red sugar works better with the white frosting. He was satisfied.

stenciled cookies

To make these I started out with sugar cookies (I’ll post the recipe I use one of these days). I made my own Royal icing. (Now some of you die-hard cookie frosters will probably tell me this isn’t officially true Royal icing because I’m not using meringue powder or whatever. Well I can’t find that shit anywhere and so I found a DIY recipe on Pinterest via I am baker. So shut it! This stuff tastes amazing.)
You use a thick version of the icing first to outline where the frosting will go. I made big squares.
Next you thin that icing down to about the consistency of shampoo – it flows well, but its not watery. You pour that all over the cookie and push it to the edges and pop any bubbles with a toothpick.
Then while the icing is still wet (so do this after each pour) you hold the stencil over the cookie as absolutely close as you can get to it and you sprinkle in the colored sugar.
I learned that the holey shake top is a pain in the rear. Pop that piece of plastic off and just pour the sugar through the stencil that way. There’s less sugar debris all over the cookie.
Thats it. Let them dry all laid out. Lock your dog and cat and kids and husbands and sleepwalkers and midnight snackers out of the kitchen. Or be like me and put the tray on top of the fridge. 😉


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