34 things


In honor of my 34th year on this planet I’d like to make a list of 34 things to accomplish before I’m 35.


So in no particular order:

  1. Read 10 books
  2. Publish 12 blog posts (hey, once a month would be huge!) 😉
  3. Make a photo book of my family
  4. Keep in touch with my girlfriends and hang out at least 4 times (not counting our kids’ bdays)
  5. Advertise my portrait business
  6. Paint a piece of art for our bathroom
  7. Donate a lot of old clothes & shoes
  8. Date night with the hubs once a month
  9. First Fridays in KC + a hotel room that night
  10. Go to 2 concerts
  11. Make Halloween costumes by hand
  12. Make a few homemade gifts instead of buying them (like paint this for my mom)
  13. Go to 2 new states
  14. Discover a favorite new band (or 2 or 3) (Rilo Kiley is already starting out strong!)
  15. Yoga, at least every-other day
  16. More veggies/ less starch at every meal
  17. Oil pulling
  18. Paint my bike
  19. Bake bread
  20. Make homemade jam
  21. Make a water barrel to catch rain & water my garden
  22. Plant 2 – 3 more apple trees
  23. Build a big sand castle
  24. Can salsa — made from veggies in my garden
  25. Can marinara — also from home grown veggies (or maybe farmers market)
  26. Taste some new veggies (Mustard greens? Fennel? Beets?)
  27. Carry my sketch book with me and USE IT
  28. Visit a vineyard — and taste!
  29. Orchard — pick apples (that is so fun)
  30. Family photos
  31. Dining room — find new (to me) chairs and paint/ stain them
  32. Do Family Game Night, like once a month
  33. Go Camping!
  34. Build a chicken coop (for Spring 2015)

Sounds like a good project to follow up on here. With photos and all! Cheers to birthdays and changes and goals and growing.

Update: Since posting this I’ve thought of a couple more things I want to do over the summer

  1. Figure out grilling, so I can get some consistent results! (I think this will help.)
  2. Experiment with making cocktails. Because those shaky drink maker cups look like fun! And cocktails are yummy.

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