[342] of 365 Family Dinner

Another family dinner post. Yay! This one was a huge hit. I used the chicken from my Chicken Parmesan recipe and gave it more of a fried chicken setting. But that posed a dilemma… I didn’t have any pan drippings to make my country gravy with. I called my parents. My mom answered (and even though she’s not the gravy-maker, I listened) and she said, “ok, use some bacon grease and…” “Mom, I don’t have any. I don’t keep it in the fridge. *sigh*” She pauses, then goes on…”well, do you have any bacon?” “No. well, I guess I have a little bit of those bac-o things from the salad bar.” (real bacon, no. but its good on the potato boats that i bought it for. ok, I’ll continue…) “Ok. use those and you can add some butter. Then add your flour like you normally would.” …ok. Seems like a good plan. Then I hang up and within a couple minutes the phone rings. Its my mom, “would you like to talk to your dad?” “uh…ok. Hi Dad” Dad is short ‘n sweet on the phone. He gets right to it, no jibber jabber. “Don’t use the bacon. It’ll get soft. That’s gross. Ya got some ham? …sandwich ham is fine.” “yep! or some kielbasa?” “No. Use the ham. Cut it up real little and fry it first. Then add a big blob ‘a butter. Then you can soak it up with the flour.” “Ok. Thanks Dad.”  So there you have it. Ham makes for good meat flavor when you opt out of frying your chicken.

I got rave reviews on tonight’s supper. The boys ate their mashed potatoes and gravy — believe me, they are not potato kids. Whenever they eat non-fried potatoes willingly (and ask for seconds!) you can bet they were good spuds. And the chicken (duh — plus, I had some McDonalds sauces leftover so we had bbq and honey mustard…bonus!) and their green beans (yay!). I did use the salad bar bacon on the green beans though. They turned out great!

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