Portraits for a little lady


I took portraits of our friends’ daughter. She was really on the move! At just over a year, she thought it was total freedom roaming the park. She kept looking back at her mama with the why-aren’t-you-chasing-me look.

Here is a handful of the photos I took…

Although its a nontraditional portrait, I really liked the softness of this angle.


The fountain was too much fun to stay out of!


She dipped her toes quite a few times


I got her to slow down to play with a flower for just a minute


She kept me running, but I think I came out with some keepers


Since this shoot I’ve upgraded my camera. I hope I get another opportunity to chase her around the park take her pictures. She was fun and now my new camera can keep up with both of us! It was also a nice change of pace to take pictures of a little girl.

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