Reminiscing over Cookies

I’ve been having fun baking lately. And that makes me realize how fast I go through pantry staples. Baking powder? That stuff used to expire before I could use it all! And Vanilla Extract … I’d have a bottle of that stuff around for a couple years. But now that I bake a lot I fly through this stuff.

And I refuse to buy imitation vanilla – ick.

See? I even refused to capitalize it there.

The real stuff is pretty pricey considering I use it in everything from pancakes to cupcakes! But its yummy.

I sort of despised it when I was little though. I just hated the fact that it smelled so amazing in that little dark glass bottle but when I dipped my finger in there it tasted so revolting! (Same goes for flour – how could something look like sugar and taste like dirt?! Hey, I was like 5 or 6 – if it looks like something yumalicous it should also taste yumalicous!)

My latest endeavor with vanilla was a batch of cookies. They are so good. A little bit of all my favorite cookies all crammed into one delicious little morsel. Look, aren’t they pretty?

They’re pretty basic and easy to make. Plus the recipe puts out about 5 dozen so you can eat em til you pop! Uh, I mean, so it makes enough to share! 🙂 Here’s the recipe. They have peanut butter, brown sugar, oats, chocolate chips and leave room for pretty much any other goodie you have around and want to dump in!

4 thoughts on “Reminiscing over Cookies

  1. I just arrived home from a day at work, and knocked out 3 double-batches of cookie dough, and STILL love looking at your cookie beauts!! And I laughed at your reference to pantry staples, ’cause my home kitchen sounds just like yours. I go through a shocking amount of baking powder, soda and flour … though my kids never complain 🙂

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